03 April 2006

yes, I am troubled, actually

I'm sitting in class and someone just said, "Is it troubling to anyone else that you can't say ANYTHING to a group of protestors under this statute, because you might get arrested?"

As I heard it, I was reading an NYTimes article about forgotten diseases. One million people a year die of malaria in Africa alone. And I thought, "Actually, I don't care about what you can say to a group of protestors. And it's not troubling to me that you can't say anything to them. I don't care."


Then I wrote a bunch of scathing and angry political stuff, which I have now deleted as offensive to pretty much everyone on both the right and the left.

And then I got up to get a snack and accidentally swallowed one cherry of a Haribo gummy twin cherry whole. Which felt weird. And is not controversial.

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