04 March 2006

the mental block continues

I can't seem to recover from it. I just can't get anything done. It's like senioritis without the senior part (that's next year - imagine how little i will then get done, heh heh). I also just spelled done "dun."

Must have a break. I thought I would have a break when my brief and oral argument were dune, no, DONE (no, I did NOT do that on purpose), but no such thing has happened. I have to write this mid-term self-evaluation for the same class... let's just say, since it was due Tuesday and it's not done, probably I need to be pretty harsh on myself in it.

I need to get out of here. Run away.

On Tuesday night we went to dinner with a professor and I could not remember the word transcript and I had to describe it to everyone at the table, "You know, that thing that lists all your classes and the grades you got and you send it to people so they know how you did? Like to jobs?" and then, slightly embarrassed, I said, "It's been a long 27 years." (Really I'm 26, but that means I'm working on year 27.) The professor, who is I think, 76 or 78, found it quite amusing.

At least I can buy a plane ticket for Liberia. Which doesn't give me that much consolation because I can't afford it. Yet another thing to worry about.

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