29 June 2016

ant revenge

The ants have taken over again.

J. was in my kitchen the other night and lost patience with them. He wiped them all off the counter into their deaths in the sponge. I found baby powder, which he sprinkled around the edge of their favorite counter to keep them away.

Tonight I lost patience with them and added a whole bunch more baby powder to other parts of the kitchen.

I have no idea why the baby powder stops them, but it seems to.

I had to make my chai on a stool today, because lately I've been finding ants in my chai. And I'm not that picky about finding ants in my drink, but I draw the line in two places:

  1. That time that I came back from Spain and Croatia and I had a chai in the fridge waiting for me and it turned out that an ant had been marinating in the tea for about 12 days. It was bloated.
  2. The ants that are in the cup when I pour in boiling water so that they are cooked in the cup. The last one I found was breaking apart into little ant bits. So much in the way of nope.

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