15 December 2015


You know what is really great? Having good health insurance.

I know I've been harping on this (over and over) since I began the Journey of What I Want to Do with My Life two years ago, but it's amazing how having money helps you save money.

For example: 

A year ago, I needed new contacts. I didn't have vision insurance, so I bought a C0stC0 membership and had my eyes checked there. It cost me about $265 (plus the $55 membership) to have the exam and get 18 contacts (12 for one eye, 6 for the other, based on what I had left over from before). 

This week, I paid $53 for an eye exam and 24 contacts. I already have the membership, but I didn't need it, because insurance covered the whole cost of the contacts - they never asked for the card - and it is only the actual contacts that are purchased from C0stC0. The eye doctor is independent.

I'm going to remember this lesson. I'm not going to forget. Those of us who already have get even more, and those without anything have to spend more because they are poor. It's mind-boggling how unfair it is.

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