14 November 2015

midweek day off

(Oops. I wrote this on Wednesday and then wandered off and forgot to post it.)

I am becoming militant about conserving my bedtime. Even last night, when I knew that I didn't have to get up early this morning (Veterans Day: the holiday I never knew existed until I started working closely with government bodies and suddenly they were all closed one day in November), I was in bed before 10 pm and slept for 10 hours. 10 hours is my new normal when I don't have to get up at 5:15 for work, apparently.

My roommate started a new job on Monday, so our apartment is basically the land of early-to-bedders these days: dark and quiet by 9:30 pm.

In addition to sleeping for ten hours, I slept in my down jacket last night. I didn't really intend to, but it was so cold when I went to bed that I left it on, and then when I woke up in the night, the air was still so cold that I decided to keep it on.

If this keeps up, I'm going to need another down jacket for the days when I have to wash this one. It's just that I refuse to turn the heat on unless it gets below 40 degrees F at night or doesn't get up to 50 degrees F during the day. (This is an arbitrary rule that I made up last night.)

When I woke up this morning, it was not quite 8 am.

There is a remarkable amount of day when you get up before 8 am.

So far, I have done such exciting things as dishes and preparing a bunch of forms for my law school's loan repayment assistance program. Also I made chai* for tomorrow and switched two of the ink cartridges in my pens from black to blue.

My life is so exciting.

* Two years ago, the year that I worked in downtown Gone West after moving back from Universe City, I got a chai at the bucks of star every day. The other day, I read somewhere that chai from the bucks of star has 42 grams of sugar in it. Wot. Clearly I cannot drink it ever again unless I'm road tripping or about to go on a hike. Homemade it is, both by necessity (my new office is not close to any coffee shops) and for my health.

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