19 October 2015


Things are changing.

The leaves are turning colors (they did it weirdly this year, after a hot, dry summer; nothing like the brilliance of last year).

After months of just pulling the duvet on top of the bedspread on cold nights, I finally took off the bedspread and put the duvet underneath it.

I went to hunt mushrooms. (Some of my former clients made a living hunting mushrooms in the fall, among other odd jobs. You have to live in very particular places to live in a place where hunting mushrooms is an occupation, albeit a seasonal one.)

I closed the living room windows. Admittedly this was only partly because it's cold in here (it's cold in here), and partly because someone was cutting the grass in the back yard with a weed whacker. It was loud and smelled like exhaust.

Other Things. Other Things about which I am not speaking. Not yet.

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