04 September 2015


The other day I was stopped at a stoplight. I was the second car back, behind a red Prius. This was the sort of light where there is a lane to turn right and a lane to go straight - no lane to turn left, because the cross street is one way. The red Prius and I were stopped in the lane to go straight.

The light was green.

Notice that I said that we were stopped, even though the light was green.

The red Prius was waiting for all the oncoming cars to turn left in front of her.

Now, I believe that it is an established principle of driving that if both directions have a green light, the driving-straight cars have the right of way. That was day one of driver's training.

The light turned red before all of the oncoming left-turn cars had turned, so we sat through a red light.

When the light turned green again, the red Prius lady continued to allow all the left-turn people to proceed in front of her, as if they had the right of way.

I finally honked.

She looked back at me in her mirror, then back at the oncoming left-turn cars, and continued to let the left-turn drivers go in front of her.

I honked again.


She did not proceed through the light until all the left turn drivers had gone, and then only about three or four cars from our direction made it through. 

I really don't understand. It's like the rules of the universe were suddenly reversed. It's like backwards day. It makes no sense.

I'm still confused.

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