15 July 2015

no regrets

The nice thing about having guests (okay, not the actual nice thing, but a lingering nice thing after they leave and leave you all alone [sob]) is that the house is so organized.

All those papers that lived on my dresser for 8 months? Gone.

(By gone, I mean stuffed in a brown paper grocery bag in the closet. Obviously.)

My room has not been this bare of clutter since ever. 

Also, I am eating the world's largest one-person salad in a mixing bowl because I picked too much lettuce from the garden and I had to get rid of half an avocado that we started last Wednesday. (I might not make it through the whole salad.)

(Update: I managed the whole salad. It took me an hour.)

My momma and Aunt K. arrived last Tuesday, and we embarked upon a whirlwind of farmers market and holding baby twins and Other PNW City and waterfalls. We settled, on the last day with the three of us, on a motto of No Regrets. 

We tried to find a waterfall and it wasn't where I thought (right by the road), and I started driving away. My momma seemed to want to see it, though, and finally I said, "Tell me to turn around if you want me to turn around. We are not going to have any regrets for the things we didn't do on this trip. That is our motto. No regrets."

So we turned around. 

We parked in the lot and hiked down the little trail to the waterfall. I'd never seen this one before, and it was just enough of a hike to give my guests a little taste of State of Happiness hiking, with a beautiful cascade of water into a pool and then further down into another pool. 

No regrets. 

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