29 July 2015

hot, also more hot

Here is how I am dealing with the heat:

Doing things inside my own house as long as the temperature will allow.

Drinking lots of (sparkling) water.


As soon as it gets too hot to have my computer on my lap, leaving the house for air-conditioned errands/tea.

"Yes, but how hot is it really?" T. said, because it is a well-known fact that we in the PNW are whiners about this.

"High of 102," I said, which apparently qualifies as Texas-quality heat, especially since we don't really do air-conditioning in houses here.

It was a myth, though. It's only 95, and the forecast has been adjusted so that the new high is 95 (edit: 97). 95 is a perfectly acceptable temperature in my book. I find that they generally overestimate how hot it's going to get here. (Tomorrow still says 102, and Friday 100.)

(Hi, all I talk about is the heat right now. Well, what can you expect? The rest of my life is top secret, nothing to see here, until the time when it's not. I'll let you know.)

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