04 April 2015

nailed it

Question: If I drove a nicer car with bigger tires, would my tires still be so vulnerable to nails?

Because for the second time in 15 months, I managed to imbed a nail in the tire of my car.

Rather than a pop and instant deflation on the highway, this was (I think) a pop pulling into my driveway, and nearly 24 hours of slow deflation (including an hour of driving on the freeway, yikes) before I walked up to my car after work, observed that the right passenger tire appeared to be low but not THAT low (I only noticed this because my car was parked next to a sidewalk and I approached via the sidewalk), and drove directly to the tire store, arriving approximately 18 minutes before it closed. 

The guy at the desk was clearly skeptical of my "I think my tire is low, maybe?" (I could almost see his brain going, "Women. Always with the hypochondria about their cars."), but he sent me off to the bays around back, where the actual worker bee took one look at my tire and said, "You have a flat."


Only he wasn't the one at the desk when I went back in. He did express surprise that I had an actual problem with my tire when he called my name after it got fixed. 

Anyway, it was a nail. Again.


After the delay with the tire and a stop or four at grocery stores (at all four of which I forgot the most basic thing I needed, namely Skittles, because I promised this kid at work that I would replenish his drawer o' Skittles that we've all been eating from), I made all the preparations to get up and go hiking this morning. I bought all the food I would need. I packed it in a row on the counter, ready to be thrown in my backpack. I put the right clothes in a little stack with my day pack.

It was kind of a last minute thing, and at the very last minute I realized that I didn't have the necessary forest pass and I was ridiculously exhausted, so I canceled c. 11:00 pm.

Then I slept for almost 12 hours. 

I guess I needed that.

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