22 April 2015


Last night I wore my long arm brace to sleep because my golf elbow was paining me.

(If you were not around for The Wrist Saga, you can find it here. The long arm brace looks something like the long arm brace in that post, except that at some point a physical therapist decided that I would be better off with a brace that went over the top of my thumb and inside of my elbow so that my elbow was not compressed inside the brace. So it's kind of the inverse of the long brace in that post.)

It isn't super comfortable to sleep with the long brace on, but as long as I prop my arm up on a pillow, it isn't bad. I fell asleep quickly. 

At some point, well before my alarm went off, I woke up and realized that the brace was no longer on my arm.

It was lying on the ground next to the bed.

There are four pieces of velcro that hold that brace onto my arm. 

I have no recollection of taking it off. 

I don't normally sleepwalk, but apparently in my sleep I tear off my arm brace. Possibly in some sort of frenzy of uncomfortableness (even though it really isn't very uncomfortable). It's a mystery. Okay, a tiny little mystery, but a mystery nonetheless. 

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