27 January 2015


It's January, which should be the hibernation time of the year, but I have all this energy. I have energy to do the things that I've been putting off for months. 

Yesterday I dropped off a bunch of binders of documents that have been in my trunk since the Major Work Event in October (which will probably result in an improvement of about 4 miles per gallon in gas mileage, what with the reduced load in the trunk). When I got home, I took all the unopened mail and assorted receipts that had been thrown into the trunk between February and December, and I opened nearly all of it. Indeed, I sorted it.

That's not like me. I haaaaaate all the mail that one gets. I haaaaaaate filing it. Random statements from my student loan companies? I pay those loans. They have been the millstone around my neck for 8 years. I KNOW HOW MUCH THEY ARE. I don't need to be reminded over and over like that, sheesh. And sometimes they send one per loan, and somehow I managed to take out, I have no idea how, about eight little loans from one company throughout law school. I think we can all agree that eight letters from one company in one month is at least seven too many, if not eight too many. Also I have four student loan companies.

It's pretty much looks like it's been raining envelopes here every month. I can't keep up. So taking care of the stack of envelopes in my car was quite a victory. (We just won't mention all the envelopes in a bag in the closet and the ones on the bench by the door. I have a long way to go.) 

Today I took all the random shoes out of my trunk that I've been storing in there since the summer. Things now fit into my trunk again.

I just want my space to reflect my interior happiness, you know? Free of clutter. 

That also means it's a struggle not to buy new sheets in the new color I want to use for my bedroom, and a duvet cover to replace the one I've had for, not kidding, almost a decade, and with which I am bored almost beyond bearing. But I refrain. I have to wait at least a paycheck or two.

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