02 December 2014


My parents sent me an Advent calendar, and it is hanging on the wall. It is a magnetic board with little tins stuck to it, one per day, starting yesterday.

My roommate and I both happened to be in the kitchen making dinner-like things at the same time yesterday, and I opened little tin number 1. 

"Would you like half of a tiny cookie?" I asked. Then I sawed it in half with a serrated knife that had a blade about ten times the length of the cookie. The morsel I ate was delicious.

My parents left some of the tins filled with the original contents, they told me, and replaced some of them. Tonight's little tin had been replaced, because the contents (almonds) were not packaged. 

I haven't eaten plain almonds in a while. (Truth: I usually eat chocolate covered almonds.) I forgot how tasty almonds are, even on their own.

Then I had to decide whether the little tins should go back on the magnetic board or be displayed elsewhere. MAJOR DECISIONS.

Spoiler: they are now beginning a row on the bookshelf, in numerical order. 

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