27 December 2014

more illness

We are severely pathetic over here. There is a lot of napping and tea, and virtually nothing else going on. We moved the party that was supposed to be held here, and my dad went to it alone.

Last night I could not sleep for the coughing. Well, first for the coughing and then for the force of will it took not to cough. It is really incredibly hard not to cough when your body wants to cough. And yet, in some cases, coughing is doing nothing but hurting you, but it won't stop. So I just decided not to cough. That... sort of worked? It was virtually impossible to maintain that kind of control over my throat while I slept, so I just didn't sleep very much or very well.

My mom's and my colds have diverged. Largely this is because I was awake for four and a half hours this morning and then took a three and a half hour nap. I had to take a nap because my eyes hurt too much to keep them open. But after 3.5 hours, I woke up feeling sort of almost human. Not really, you know, because there is still the sore throat and the headache and the sneezing, but at least my arms and torso and eyes do not ache like they did this morning.

My mom did not nap, at least not for long, and so she went to bed by 7:15. 

A. spent the day either in bed or on the couch (she seems to have taken permanent possession of it, which we are not fighting because it is now fully contaminated with norovirus germs). She went to bed by 7:30. 

That leaves only me in the dark house, which is usual (I am the most night owl one here), but not usual for 7:54 pm.

My eyes are starting to hurt, though. It might be bedtime.

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