25 December 2014


We had one of those Christmas Days wherein several people are regularly dosing themselves or their children with ibuprofen. The baby was still wheezing a little. B. turned lethargic and hot during the meal. I drank so many cups of tea with honey that I might float away on a river of tea, and I napped on the couch in the middle of the post-gift chaos.

We do breakfast food, rather than a dinner. After a church service full of Christmas hymns, my mom whipped up a crustless quiche, and I tried to make my famous coffee cake, but we were out of butter., so I couldn't put it in the oven until my brother and sister-in-law got here, and then brunch was delayed waiting for it to bake. And because I used gluten-free flour, it took an even longer time to bake and at some point we couldn't wait anymore and I flipped it out onto a plate, more like a pudding than a cake. "Candy cake" we called it, scooping it out with a spoon. It was, I cannot lie, incredibly delicious.

Due to the ridiculous quantity of tea I drank today, I cannot tell you whether I overate or not. I felt like I overate. I felt incredibly full, and most of what I ate contained either 1. sugar or 2. chocolate, but I cannot tell whether the fullness was from tea or from food. I guess I will find out if I wake up starving in the middle of the night.

Presents were given and received. Children were overwhelmed. Adults were pleased. I have a new blanket scarf that will probably become my signature piece for the winter because now that I have discovered how much cozier life is with a blanket scarf about one's shoulders, I can not return to the chill of no blanket scarf. I'm considering having it surgically attached to my shoulders in shawl-fashion, except that the dripping when I get out of the shower might be problematic. 

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