24 November 2014

[24] transport

When I got on the bus this morning, a man offered me his seat. I thanked him but said no, partly because I was standing in the well in front of the rear door, which allows one to lean back and practically sit on the bar along the wall behind the lower section of the bus. It's downright comfy.

I put in my earphones. Then suddenly I looked over at the guy who had offered me a seat. 

Keeping in mind that I am the worst judge of age ever, he was probably about my parents' age. Now, I appreciate a chivalrous gesture. It's very considerate, and I like considerate. But when the person offering me a seat is almost at an age that I would offer him a seat? 

Battle of the manners on the bus.


I've taken to walking home. 

I could get on the bus, and I did when I was carrying my old computer, and I do when I have to take files home. It is just too much weight on my shoulder. But now I have a new, light computer, and I am not currently taking files back and forth. 

And so I walk. 

I walk in sprinkles of rain, like today. I walk in bitter cold. I walk in biting wind across the water. I have my phone in my pocket so that I can whip it out and take photos when things are pretty, but by the time I walk across the bridge at the end of the day, it's usually almost dark.

If I had a good camera, I could take a picture of the cars on the highway, all melding together into long lines of light.

But I don't. So I take pictures when I can, and when I can't, I put in my headphones and walk into the rain and wind, headed home.

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