16 November 2014

[16] the cold

Last night, I had one of those nights where my feet just never got warm. I don't know how this is possible, because theoretically the blood flowing through my body and into my feet should be warm, and I was covered with one synthetic comforter, one down comforter, one down throw, one fleece throw, and one cotton blanket from Ethiopia. Also, I was wearing wool socks. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with freezing feet - so cold they were painful - and I had to pee. I laid there for a minute deciding whether it was worth getting up, getting colder, and trying to find my flax seed pillow that I heat to warm up my feet. I decided that it was.

That is how I ended up flailing around my apartment at 4:28 am. 

I finally found the flax seed pillow after a round of looking, giving up and going to the bathroom, and then, as I got back into bed, thinking of one more place it could be. I stood blearily freezing in front of the microwave for three minutes while it heated. 

My feet were cold again by morning. Sometimes I do not understand how the human body works.

My mom and dad were confused about how it can possibly be so cold in my apartment, and the answer is that Gone West is unprepared for temperatures below freezing, and so the apartment has individual electric heaters in each room. It has been down to 25 degrees at night, lately, and we have yet to turn the heat on in any room but the bedrooms and the heated bathroom floor. We just leave the rest at whatever temperature it gets from using the stove, heat drifting up from downstairs, and the sun, should it appear, warming it through the windows. 

I only turn the heat on in my bedroom when I am here, and when I go to bed, it goes off again. Thus, when the temperature drops into the 20s, it gets cold in here.

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