13 November 2014


So much for going about my business: the training I was supposed to attend today was canceled, thanks to what turned out to be a little bit of sleet, a bunch of rain, some of which froze on cars, and various slick roads that didn't become slick until much later in the day.

Instead, I worked at one of the tea shops again, and then I came home for lunch.

It's almost as cold inside this house as it is outside. I know I sound obsessed, and that's because I'm obsessed. It's so cold in here. 

In the Mitten, the routine is to turn the heat to 68 degrees or even, gasp, 72. I would be surprised if it's even 50 degrees in this house, in the living room, which is fine as long as I have a down jacket on all the time, but it's not fine for things like using the toilet. Two words: cold butt.

Every time I turn on the tap to wash my hands, my hands end up numb.

Also, is this jacket going to start smelling bad? For how many days can I wear it every waking minute before we have a problem here?

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