30 October 2014


I have developed an addiction to the sweet potato. 

They have these deep orange ones at Whole Paycheck, and I microwave them until they are soft and then split them open and melt cheese onto them with freshly ground black pepper and smoked sea salt. 

It's like magic. Quick, easy, cheap, delicious. 

I've learned some things.

The main thing I learned is that sweet potatoes are very susceptible to bruising. If they get a bruise, the bruise affects the flavor of the entire thing.

I didn't know this pre-googling, but I did notice that some sweet potatoes had better flavor than others, and now I am the World's Pickiest Sweet Potato Picker. I spent quality time examining every sweet potato for bruising.

"Do you want a little bag?" the checker asked me. 

"Yes, please," I said. "I need to protect my sweet potatoes from bruising. Did you know that if sweet potatoes get bruised, it affects the flavor of the entire thing? You can't just cut off the bruise."

It's like that. I am now converting people to sweet potatoes. It's a new hobby.

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