13 September 2014

feets, pain

It hurts to walk right now, and it's my own fault. I neglected the necessary upkeep on my heels. You know, keeping them from getting dry and cracked? I have had an amazing foot scraper, but I haven't replaced it in years, and it needs to be replaced every now and then or it loses its texture, which it seems to have done. Thus, limping. 

Two days ago I broke down and bought one of those little grater things that they use on your feet when you get a pedicure, and I took that to my feet, to no avail.

Last night I asked if the K.s had any epsom salts, because my feet hurt more than ever. They did not, but D. offered me something called Bag Balm. Bag Balm was apparently developed for the udders of milk cows, to keep them from getting chapped. I am now drenching my heels in udder ointment multiple times a day. 

I am also wearing closed shoes in the 88 degree heat, which is fine. As I used to annoy people by saying, "It's cooler than South Sudan!" (It's always cooler here than South Sudan at its hottest.) I just cannot stand to think of all the filth that would get into the cracks in my foot if I were wearing sandals.

Is it just me, or does wearing rubber sandals make your feet extra dry? 

Walking hurts. 

I walk anyway. 

I happened upon a street fair today, just at random, so I meandered up and down the street, running into two sets of people I know (Gone West is smaller than you'd think). At one intersection, the organizers of the street fair had imported a large circle of grass, with benches, and people were lounging about. Above them, the traffic signal continued its cycle through green - amber - red - green - amber, signaling to no vehicles.

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