24 August 2014


It's kind of crazy that one can be unemployed and still be insanely busy. At some point, it just sounds like I am making this up, like someone is going to start asking, "How can you be so busy if you don't have a job, huh? Huh?"

Well, there is the finding work to pay the bills, the doing the work to pay the bills, the constant anxiety about finding enough work to pay the bills, and the constant anxiety about doing enough work to pay the bills. Also the looking for a real job to end the rest of it. It all adds up.

Oh, and did I mention that I will be homeless again in a week? 

There is plenty going on.

Meanwhile, I have driven over the mountains to Sunny Ski Town a time or two. I tried to explain to my mom why this is one of my favorite drives, but it's hard to explain everything that happens in three hours of driving except to say that there is farmland and then forest and then mountain and then forest and then open range with snow-capped peaks off to the side and then suddenly you are descending into a golden-brown canyon and then back out, and then there is more farmland high in the desert, and then there is a canyon so deep that signs warn about letting dogs loose near it, and then there are crazy rocks off to one side with more snowy mountains on the other.

This state, I tell you. It will wrap you up in its beauty and ruin you for anywhere else.

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