08 July 2014

bad parking

When I came home from the store, someone had parked badly in the limited space on my block. There was barely space in front of the car to fit my car next to a driveway. I parked, and then I got out and looked behind my car, and then I reversed about 8 inches, marking my progress against a crack in the sidewalk.

When I got out again to check, there was approximately an inch and a half of space between my car and the one behind me. I considered it a victory.

A while later, after doing a sprint/walk stint, I was sitting next to my window, drinking water and admiring the sunset, when a group of people came out of a nearby restaurant and got into the poorly parked car. 

The girl who would get into the passenger seat walked up to the front of the car and checked to make sure that my car had not made contact with theirs.

I was very tempted to yell out the window, "I didn't touch your car. But you are very bad at parking!"

I refrained, though, and just laughed at them from inside my apartment.

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