23 May 2014


There is a wishing tree in a neighborhood not far from here.

People write their wishes on little tags and tie the tags onto the tree. 

I go over there sometimes to touch the wishes and close my eyes and wish along with the people who made them.

Someone wished for a puppy.

Someone wished that his or her children would be happy.

Someone wished for a job.

Someone wished to play in a band.

Someone wished to die.

Someone wished that everyone who wishes will find peace.

Someone wished that everyone will know Jesus.

Someone wished that his or her brother will get off drugs.

Someone wished for legalization of marijuana. 

Someone wished for their team to win.

There are some whimsical wishes, but more of them are full of a deeper longing. They are things that people want so very badly. 

When I hold a tag in my hand, sometimes I imagine that I can feel the longing that the person brought to the tree. 

Sometimes I imagine that the sheer force of my wishing along with the person could make their wish come true, or negate the need for their wish.

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