15 May 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed a new computer. Mine took 45 minutes to load a pdf document and then most of the time it froze when I tried to toggle between the pdf and a word document or the internet, and when you are reviewing thousands of pages of pdfs and the only computer you have is your own, that is a problem.

I do not, of course, have the money for a new computer, so instead I took my computer to a tune-up place, where for $30 they made it function more like a computer should (now it only crashes about once every three days). They even cleaned the outside of it.

The one thing that they couldn't fix, which has only gotten worse, is the non-functionality of the left shift key. 

I didn't realize until the left shift key went out that I use the left shift key almost exclusively. I think this is a result of the babying of my right hand that I do to avoid issues with the golf elbow, but it's weird. I use the left shift key even to capitalize a T or an R or a C. The only things I can figure out that I don't use it for are to capitalize A or S. 

My brain is now very confused when I type.

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