27 May 2014

non-memorial Memorial Day

My friend D. and I intended to go hiking on Memorial Day. ("Didn't we go hiking last year on Memorial Day?" we asked each other, "And weren't all the restaurants closed afterward?" But that was the 4th of July, we finally realized.)

We met at the tea place, and sat at a table outside, sipping our tea and talking while the sun warmed us after a long, cold winter.

Then we were hungry, so I ate the salad I had brought with me, and she ate a gourmet grilled cheese from a nearby restaurant. 

Only then we were feeling lazy, so we went back for more tea. 

Only then we were still feeling lazy, so we walked to see a nearby landmark I'd been wanting to check out but somehow always forgot about, and then D. got pie, and then we walked some more.

Then it was evening and we were hungry again, so we drove to another neighborhood and tried a new Thai place that was delicious and was not closed, since it was not, in fact, the 4th of July like last year.

I have a tan line on my arm, and I got some good girl-gabbing in, and that makes me happy.

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