08 March 2014


Warning number one: This post contains descriptions of medical procedures.

Warning number two: My mom already heard this story. (Sorry, Momma!)

Last night, I was sitting at my computer at the dining room table. I needed something from the kitchen, so I stood up, and I stood on something sharp.

I yelped and jumped.

I leaned against the counter, turning my foot upside down against the stove to see if I could make the puncture bleed, for safety.

Just as I saw a red dot, I felt so dizzy that I had to put my foot down and hold onto the counter.

It was very strange. Yes, I had just risen to a standing position, and the low blood pressure I inherited from my momma can do that. (I think my last blood pressure reading, at the dentist of all places, was along the lines of 112/54. 52? Something like that.) It's just that this particular dizziness started long enough after I stood up that it seemed too late, somehow.

It seemed like it was related to looking at my foot. And I've never before been dizzy from any sort of medical thing, not even when I worked in an emergency room and saw some crazy stuff. When I had my wrist surgery, the surgeon finally had to tell the nurses to stop turning the screen so I could see the surgery, because he was the one who needed to see what he was doing. I always watch while medical procedures are performed upon me: shots, blood drawing, etc. I think it's fascinating.

(Oooh! I just did some research googling, and it seems that moving one's head is the cause of positional dizziness, so maybe the way I was bending my head down to see my foot caused it.)

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