24 December 2013

little Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm sitting in my house with rice cooking for rice-and-lentils, mostly because I forgot that stores would close early, so I have nothing to eat other than this except dry cereal (I ran out of milk this morning).

I guess I'm eating rice-and-lentils for breakfast, too.

There were a couple of stocking stuffers that I am not going to be able to pick up, thanks to my lack of foresight.

The upside is that I'm sitting in my house with rice cooking for rice-and-lentils instead of rushing about town trying to pick up a last few things.

I also have peppermint stick ice cream that will have to be finished tonight because it has melted (a pizza wedged in the top of the freezer kept it from closing fully today). 

P@ndora is playing the Fernando Ortega Holiday station. (I don't do the Jingle Bells kind of Christmas music, but pretty hymns I can enjoy.)

If only I could make myself get up and pack, this would be a perfect little Christmas Eve.

Like most years lately, I am starting my Christmas season late. We are having family Christmas on 1/1, and I will be flying on Christmas Day, with all the other cranky and/or merry passengers. It's hard to get into a Christmas mood when I am working insane hours just to keep everything afloat. I haven't decorated or wrapped a thing.

I am going to start tomorrow, though.

I just have to get this packing done, first.

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