12 December 2013


"Something happened," I called to my roommate, as she put her things down in the dining room.

"What happened? Is that my faux fur?" my roommate asked, walking into my room.

"No, it's my faux fur," I said, lounging upon a yard of it on the floor.

"You bought faux fur?" she asked.

"I bought faux fur," I said.

"What happened?" 

"Well, what happened is that I went to [the fabric store] to get my scarf that I left there on Monday," I said, "and I decided to buy faux fur to make a vest. So I bought this."

Okay, look. I was inspired by this. This faux fur vest is going to happen.

And in the meantime, I can lounge upon it on the floor of my bedroom. Faux fur is surprisingly warm.

The white-orange cat is curled up on my black scarf on my orange couch, and it's awfully cute.

PS. Still waiting.

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