03 November 2013

3: fruit

I read somewhere that onion-family vegetables prevent some sort of cancer, so I went out and bought a sweet onion to carmelize. One large sweet onion, carmelized, could be dinner for me. I love carmelized onions so very much.

(Pro tip: add a little splash of tamari right at the end and let it carmelize with the onion for the last minute or so. Whoa.)

I'm not sure if I actually like cooking or if I just like the idea of cooking and the products thereof, but I find myself doing it when I have a rather more leisurely evening, so I must like some part of it. 

If you can even call carmelizing an onion cooking, because otherwise my basic food prep for the week was to de-pith a pomegranate, cut up a little pineapple, and wash some apples to eat with Justin's Maple Almond Butter (GET SOME OF THIS STUFF NOW). I'm on a bit of a fruit kick.

Rather more leisurely evenings are rare these days, and so I treasure them all the more.

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