30 November 2013

29: people

I stayed late at work today so that I don't have to go in this weekend (for the first weekend in two months), and when I came out of the building, the streets were full of people. The corners were so crowded that I had to push through the hordes. 

Inside the shopping center, fake snow blew out of a machine on the second floor, falling down toward the fountain. Crowds of people stood underneath it, and a woman tried to capture it on camera.

The line for the bucks of star stretched 30 people deep into the hallway. 

I thought about checking out deals, but there were too many people and I was too hypoglycemic, so I turned around and left. On my way out the door, a young Middle Eastern guy smiled and motioned for me to go through first. 

I really do like people.

Just half a block off the busy square with the tree and the lights and the masses, I boarded a bus no even less full than usual - all the holiday revelers must have driven or taken the train. We rode home like usual, save for a few balconies decorated with lights.

Truth be told, I went back out after I ate, but to a whole different part of town, where I finally found a long, warm, chunky sweater to wear as a layer over every single thing I own. 

I'm tired of being cold. Yesterday morning, while drinking my hot chocolate, I was wearing a down vest. Why? Because we keep this house at 55 degrees F. How else is a girl to survive? 

The fact that I've had to give up wool - I get itchy after just touching it in the store as I try to figure out what the contents of a sweater are - is really quite a problem for someone as consistently cold as I am. Many more layers of cotton/rayon/nylon sweaters are needed than are layers of wool sweaters.

It's insane, too, because two years ago I wore a wool dress pretty frequently, and now the thought makes me itch and get raw red spots on my neck. Obviously I got rid of that dress in the move to Gone West. 

It's hopeless. I need to go live on a farm. (If that seems like a non sequitur, read the article.)

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