27 November 2013

27: pull it together

I wasn't really thinking straight at the beginning of yesterday's post*, because of course I wouldn't be alive without modern medicine: I wouldn't have been born. My dad was diagnosed with Type I diabetes five years before I was born, and without modern medicine I would never have existed.

So there's that. Doesn't fix the antibiotic crisis, though.

In other news, I was supposed to drill with Crusher again today. Not rolling, this time, but practicing one particular thing (rear naked choke, if you are interested. no, no one is naked for this move. I think it's called naked because your poor little neck is exposed). Crusher is a lot stronger than me, so he just basically rolled over and rolled me with him while I was supposed to have his back. 

Fine. One of the coaches last week, after my arms hurt too much to continue, pointed out to me that Crusher has no posture. He gets by on force alone, and that only goes so far. "Keep him broken down," the coach said. "Just wear him out."

So when Crusher rolled over and tried to get the best of me, I let him roll. I kept him in my guard, though (this means I had my legs around his torso with my ankles crossed on the other side), and when we got to the point where I was on my back on the ground, I just reached up and fastened my hands into his gi at the neckline so he was constantly bent over. Can't get your torso straight? Not much you can do. He could basically stand himself up with me hanging off his neck, but he never did straighten at his waist to give himself some control. I WIN.

Then we played some crazy choking game where you try to get the ball through a goal but you can make people leave the floor if you can choke them. 

This devolved into a huge pile of adults crushing each other. 

Adults should not be allowed to play games like this. The same thing happened with the dodge ball in my martial arts school in Universe City: the kids can play it just fine, but the adults are too competitive. The balls hurt during dodge ball, and this game got pretty violent, too. I finally just started picking someone off and trying to choke them so they couldn't beat down my team's player on the bottom of the pile.  

We lost.

* I am not thinking straight much of the time, lately. Yesterday someone asked me, "How's it going?" and I answered, "Not much." She was pretty appalled. I am just too tired to process anything but the necessary. The focus kicks in for the necessary, but not for much else.

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