25 October 2013


I forgot to schedule it earlier this week, so I was supposed to have my weekly Skype Spanish hour with a grandpa in Guatemala at 5 pm today. 

It was a parody of Everything That Can Go Wrong.

I was stuck on a phone call at 5 pm, and I had be almost rude to get off the phone. By the time I got on Skype, the grandpa in Guatemala had called me a couple of times and practically sent out an APB.

When we started talking, I realized that Friday at 5 is perhaps not the best time to work on learning a language. I couldn't think in English, let alone Spanish. Words were not happening in either language. I felt like I could hardly hold my head up from exhaustion.

Everything was dim in Guatemala, and the tutor was fuzzy. It was the electricity, he explained. It was very weak, but the computer's battery was fully charged. 

I have some familiarity with electricity's eccentricities as they pertain to internet access, though, and I suspected exactly what happened: after about 15 minutes, the power cut out and we got cut off. 

Meanwhile, my dad was calling my phone, my coworker was coming in asking for snacks, and the grandpa in Guatemala was trying to call again.

 Needless to say, we rescheduled, leaving me free to comb t@rget, r0ss, and goodwill in two states trying to find pieces for my Halloween costume. At least that didn't require thinking, other than remembering how to get back on the highway back to Gone West.

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