04 September 2013


I thought I was in pretty good shape in Universe City. I worked out three times a week, mixed martial arts and such, and I tried to hike or walk or run or something at least one other day.


The MMA classes I took in Universe City were a maximum of 45 minutes of hard-core workout. We would then move on to some sort of self-defense scenario.

Now that I am in the advanced MMA class here in Gone West, it is a solid 90 minutes.

I am not in that kind of shape.

Today, at the end, I waved goodbye to the guy I'd been working with and said thank you, and I realized that I wasn't opening my hand all the way. Odd. I looked at it again in the women's changing room, and when I tried to pull my pinkie and ring finger back to be level with the rest of my hand, they started shaking.

I am struggling to type even now. My pinkie and ring finger seem to be out of my control. A little too much of the 16 ounce gloves?

Don't worry, it's not the golf elbow hand. It's the other one. So it's fine, right? Totally fine.

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