04 August 2013

cat fight (literal)

I think I mentioned that my roommate got a new cat. The intention was that the new cat and the old cat would become friends and keep one another company.

This has not happened. The old cat was kind of a jerk to the new cat at the beginning (there was hissing and chasing) while the new cat was sick, and now the new cat is full of hatred.

The old cat keeps sidling up to the new cat, hoping for friendship, and the new cat hisses and drives him off.

I was not particularly paying attention to the cats until, a few moments ago, suddenly a full-on cat fight broke out in the middle of my room. The two cats were tearing at one another, snarling, up on their back legs, not three feet from my bed. 

What do you do when cats are fighting? It was very alarming.

I didn't dare try to get in between them lest I should end up scratched. I just yelled at them and watched, worried.

They stopped after half a minute or so, but now my floor is littered with tufts of cat fur in both of their colors, and the cats are still pouting on opposite ends of the hallway.

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