06 July 2013


So here is the problem: there is no time for anything but working, fighting, and sleeping in my life right now. 

I cannot get a full night of sleep to save my life, because by the time I come home from fighting, it is already 9 pm, and once I wind down and get ready for bed, it is late.

I'm trying to go hiking as much as I can, but today I finally had to say no. I had to sleep in, and run a few errands, and just be.

This pace is killing me.

It's summer. The sky is still blue when I leave work, even when I leave it late. The streets are still full of people. The air is still warm. 

We sweated through our shirts in fighting class last week. (I held pads for a guy who was sweating so hard that droplets of his sweat flew at me every time he hit a pad. Ew.)

I took my bike to a nearby bike shop today, because a fender bolt had come loose, and the pedal has been making a funny noise for, oh, four years. It took about 10 minutes and $5 for the guy to fix it right up. I bought a water bottle holder for my bike in the shape of a bird, because that is so completely this town. On the way back home, the bike ran more smoothly than I can remember it running.

I need a whole string of these lazy, empty days, but I can't imagine when I'll ever get them.

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