10 July 2013

secret to happiness

I have found the secret to happiness, and it's really quite simple.

The secret to happiness is riding your bike to work every morning, in the sunshine, along the water. 

This week I pretty much just decided that the bike riding was going to happen, regardless of what kind of work event was going to require me to be professionally groomed and attired by 8:30 am, and so I am on the bike every day. 

It's pretty fantastic. Every morning, pedaling along in the cool morning air, I think to myself, "This is how every day should start!" (Yes, with the exclamation mark. I see the exclamation mark hanging in the air as I think it.)

So there you have it: the definitive secret to happiness.

The only minor problems with implementing the secret to happiness are:
  1. Sunshine is so fickle.
  2. Some places may not have the waterfront option (sad for them).

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