22 July 2013

ongoing tire saga

I was all excited tonight about the littlest of things: my fighting class gets done at 8:30, and I had nothing to do but go to bed afterward. I didn't even need to stop at the store for milk! This never happens to me.

(That was foreshadowing.)

(This never happens to me.)

Remember how, when I bought my car almost three years ago, I kept having problems with the tires? Remember how one would be flat and then another?

It's happening again. 

I suppose one flat tire is too early to call a pattern. I'm just saying: it has happened again.

Fortunately, my dad walked me through changing the tire a couple of years ago, on the phone, and I'm pretty okay at figuring things out. That, and three people from my martial arts studio stopped to help. 

Mostly they put the flat tire into the trunk while I put the donut on the axle. 

"Just maybe move the sword out of the way," I called. "I don't want the satin scarf to get dirty." 

That's what everyone says when they put a tire in their trunk. 

Now my pleasant planned evening tomorrow of getting a few groceries from the one local branch of a Universe City store that has a couple of brands I can't resist looks more like an evening of waiting around at the tire place. This tire is one they sold me a few years ago, and I really hope it's under warranty still.

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