26 July 2013


What no one tells you is that wearing a gi on a 90 degree day inside an old warehouse (and not the big old barn-like warehouse filled with cool air but the small, stuffy city kind of warehouse) is deathly hot. My face is instantly sweat-covered upon beginning class.

In an effort to fix that, I went and bought some short spandex shorts (which shall not see the light of day outside of class) and a spandex tank top to wear instead of the capris and tshirt. Said shorts and tank top were on the clearance rack, and cheap. 

Together with another tank top, I almost escaped the mall with a $20.95 total.

Except not, because then I saw that sleepwear was on sale, too, and then I found a scarf that was not even on sale, but I bought it anyway. (It is, however, on sale online, I now see. Is it worth $6 to return it and get it anew?)

They made this scarf for me, okay? Someone, somewhere in the world, designed and produced it for me.

It is cotton (= not itchy on my neck) and has green bicycles all over it. Green. And bicycles. 


Then I went off to return my cans and bottles and buy some new bottles of sparkling water from the one Gone West branch of my favorite Universe City grocery store, and my new tires saved my life when the entire highway full of cars came to a dead stop in the span of a few seconds.

Well, they saved my car, at least. It would have been bad for the little Honda to run into the back of that Sequoia. 

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