30 July 2013


Riding a bicycle is addicting. 

My mom knows this; she rides her bicycle almost every day unless stymied by snow or heavy rain.

Last week, when someone had intentionally punctured my tire, it made sense to take the bus to work. I could drop my car off five blocks from my house, at the tire store, and get on the bus on that very corner. I could pick my car up on the way home, right next to the bus stop.

But I'm addicted now, as long as the weather is fair, and so I rode my bike to work, took the bus home over lunch, took the bus back to work, and rode my bike home at the end of the day. 

I ride my bike even when it is cool in the morning and I"m covered in goosebumps as I ride down the hill into the wind.

I ride my bike even though allergies + wind in my eyes makes me cry off all my mascara and I have to wipe off my face and reapply the mascara if I forget and put it on before I leave the house.

I ride my bike even though the park maintenance people today aimed one of the sprinklers directly at my path, at thigh level, soaking me through on my way to work.

I ride my bike even though I arrive at work sweaty and I arrive home sweaty. 

I love it. The endorphins have snagged me.

I even inspired my Aunt Lisa to ride her bike home from work a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hoping the endorphins have snagged her, too. Let them snag everyone!

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