16 June 2013

glowing in the dark

My dad called me on Wednesday night, but I didn't get the message until Thursday morning because I was camping out in the middle of nowhere, next to a rushing river, with no cell coverage.

I listened to the message while waiting for tea in Sunny Ski Town. 

My dad laughed through the entire message, and as soon as I heard what it was about, I started laughing, too.

I sent a package for Fathers Day, and it apparently arrived on Wednesday, right when USPS said it would. On Wednesday night, there was a tornado warning, and the power went out, and my parents ended up in the basement in the dark.

When they came up the stairs, the package was glowing in the dark house, the only light around.

Dad was just wondering if that was a problem.

I called him back, 16 hours too late, and told him that it wasn't a problem. The package had been glowing all that time.

In fact, the package was still glowing today, when he opened it to reveal the light-up armband I found at the running store to make him more visible when he jogs at night. It might need a new battery now, though.

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