28 April 2013

random Sunday points

Random point numero uno:

I will never be able to spell the word maintenance without spell check. That much has become clear in 33.5 years. 

Random point numero dos:

I drove out into the beautiful Gone West surrounds yesterday and even though I went camping out there once in the years between living here and living here again, it made me happy all over again that I get to live in this town. Those cliffs and waterfalls make my heart hurt with the beauty, in a good way.

Random point numero tres: 

I need to work on my Spanish.

Random point numero cuatro: 

Additional things that have made me proclaim aloud my happiness to live in this town:
  1. A roof-top bar on Friday evening, while the sun was shining.
  2. The general system in which I work here, which is much much better for the clientele with which I work than was the one in Universe City.
  3. El auto-bus.
  4. Thai iced tea and salad rolls from a little sidewalk stand. ("I just had to accept that I was buying the salad rolls solely for the peanut sauce," a coworker said to me, and that is completely true. I am buying the salad rolls solely for the peanut sauce. But wow, it is delicious.)
  5. A little store full of locally designed and sewn dresses, with a sale rack and the willingness to alter the next size up when they didn't have my size.

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