23 February 2013


While I was driving through the driving rain yesterday, a third of the sky cleared (not the third above my car, the third to the west) and the sun shone through, sideways, lighting up the rain until the whole world was glowing so bright that I couldn't see.

I cursed myself for leaving my sunglasses in the trunk, in my other bag.

After squinting and mumbling to myself for a while, I finally thought to check my glove compartment and center console.

Between the two of those compartments, I found four pairs of sunglasses. I guess I was more prepared than I thought.

I dropped all the sunglasses onto the passenger seat and started trying them out. 

Sunglasses number one pinched my head. Not tolerable.

Sunglasses number two took some adjusting, but they worked. The world switched from blinding white to tolerable yellow, and I drove on in a yellow haze.

I clearly do not need four pairs of sunglasses in my car. The story would be funnier if none if the pairs worked, but the fact is that three of the four pairs would probably have worked, all but the pinchy ones. I think I'm going to have to address the apparently compulsive need I have to buy sunglasses. I happen to know that there are also two pairs in my purse and two in my house. 

I don't buy expensive sunglasses (my last two pairs were $3.99 at goodwill), but apparently I buy them whenever I see them, just in case. In case of what? I don't know, really. Just in case.

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