14 February 2013


Flying is positively blissful when you get two extra legroom seats to yourself on one flight and a first class seat on the next. I need to remember to take at least one far away trip a year, so I can keep up my silver status. The upgrades just appear! It's amazing. They still give you snacks in first class, guys.

I packed lighter than ever for this trip (it's becoming a point of pride): two dresses, two sweater tights, one pair of jeans, three shirt, two sweaters, undergarments, done.

Oh, and two pairs of boots.

I have no explanation. Boots are kind of my thing.

When I was home in December, I bought a new pair of boots, which was money I probably ought not to have spent, but as I told my mom and sister, "I wear boots literally every day in the winter, and I only have two good pairs."

"Oh," they said, making fun of me, "Literally? Do you literally wear boots every day?"

And every time the boots came up, "She wears them literally every day. Literally."

The good news is that now that I have three good pairs of boots, I really can wear them every day. I think the only time since Christmas that I have not worn boots (other than to fighting class or the gym) was when I went bowling as a stand-in for my friend who was out of town. Neither a dress nor skinny jeans work for bowling. Boot cut it is!

So yes, two pairs of boots. In one tiny suitcase.

I also, once again, had to bring 13 puppets from 1ke@. My dad wanted a set of them for his counseling work with kids, so I once again used a rattlesnake puppet as a pillow on the plane. Complete with rattle.

My usual memory foam horseshoe pillow (incredibly good investment if you fly on a regular basis: squishes small and keeps its shape much better than the styrofoam balls) had a different purpose this time.

Ok. So.

When I came home in November for my grandma's funeral, I put on my down booties from rei and picked up my purse and suitcase and started down the stairs to my bedroom. I did not yet realize it, but the elastic on one of the booties had come loose, and the bootie was sliding off my foot.

Halfway down the stairs, arms full of stuff, my left foot slipped on the loose bootie and I went down, hard, on my, erm. My tailbone. I couldn't catch myself, you see.

I am not kidding when I say that I think my tailbone is getting worse instead of better.

When I flew back to Gone West at the end of December, I had to ask, in Phoenix, for them to switch me to a window seat on the right side of the plane because the left side of my erm tailbone is the worst hurt, and when you sit against a wall to your left, particularly when you have people sitting right there to your right, you will lean left.

Try asking for a new seat for that reason and try not to be embarrassed.

"I need a new seat because I injured my ass." Yes. Not embarrassing at all.

The pain is still there, every time I sit for longer than a few minutes, including on my cushy mesh office chair. And so I did some research, and I turned my horseshoe pillow around, and I sat on it, with the open part facing backwards, like a make shift donut pillow.

I am officially an old person.,

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