25 February 2013


I kept keep hoping that the right answers will just fall into place: that somehow I will not have to make decisions but will just have the one right choice in front of me. It's very hard, after all, to give up any two of the sets of good things, even in exchange for another set of good things.

Right now I have two real choices, of the three possibilities I am contemplating, and I have to pick one.

I'm hoping that sleeping on it will give me some clarity, because at this moment I am divided right down the middle.

I have lists galore, in my head, in my notebook, in my email. I don't do pros and cons so much as just listing the things I like about each choice. 

When I was in Denver on my way to the Mitten two weeks ago, I had to go through a long hall and down some stairs to get to the hallway of regional jets ferrying passengers to various parts of the country. The gate just across from the flight to Greater River City was labeled "Universe City," and I felt a little flip of recognition. It caught me by surprise, because I used to feel that little jolt when I saw Gone West on a flight monitor. I never expected to feel it for Universe City.

And so it's all more complicated than it used to be.

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