24 December 2012


Four books are, it turns out, not going to be enough, considering that I am on book three already. I may have to restock after Christmas.

Things are the usual whirlwind. Parties thus far have numbered one, with two more to come. I produced some pretty kick-ass consumables for the first party - an improvised tortilla soup, in both chicken and vegetarian, and little pumpkin cheesecakes with gluten free crusts, which are quite good, I think, if you like cheesecake, which I don't, so I am just sort of guessing, actually. I also mixed up some of the old standard very good icebox cookies (my mom baked them, because i got distracted whipping real whipped cream with maple syrup for the mini cheesecakes), even though after tomorrow I am not going to be able to eat them.

This is because after tomorrow I am going gluten free. Or trying to. Again. SIGH.

I keep wavering on the gluten free thing, because I feel fine. I mean, I feel "fine," which is to say that I feel approximately as fine as I always do: little bit of constant rhinitis, little bit of constant sore throat, little bit of constant exhaustion. I have zero digestion problems, that I notice.

It's just that I am beginning to wonder if I might feel better if I didn't eat gluten. Maybe I wouldn't have those scaly dry spots of skin. Maybe I wouldn't have to drag myself through every day. It could be worth it.

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