11 December 2012


I have found that if I am going to make four kinds of cookies during the week for the Friday deal, certain efficiencies must be implemented.

First, no recipe will be made using more than 2.5 cups of flour. Those 4.5 cups of flour recipes just take too long. If they can be halved, they may be acceptable. (Today I estimated half an egg. Oh, well!)

Second, all cookies will be small. This is so that the small batches can serve more people.

Third, there will be only one shape of cookies. The ten year old kid in me is appalled, but every single very good icebox cookie is a small star. I have no time for anything else.

Fourth, each type of cookie that needs frosting will have only one color of frosting, i.e. almond cookies green, very good icebox cookies red. (I haven't decided the exact color assignments yet.)

Fifth, I rolled out the very good icebox cookies on a piece of parchment paper. The counter is clean and the cookies were much easier to peel off paper than they would have been to peel off the counter.

Meanwhile, I ate stuffing for dinner. I am effectively saving money and using up the stuff in my cupboard, but just stuffing was a little odd as dinner. And there are four leftover containers of it in the fridge. I will be eating stuffing as dinner all week.

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