08 November 2012

[8] stuff

So I was not aware until today, not being a news watcher (I got out of the habit when I didn't have tv for a long time) that the pundits on Fox News think that Democrats vote for the candidate they think will give them "stuff."


I am truly amused. 


No, no, really?

Do they really think that? 

I can only assume that they haven't bothered to look at the people who volunteered with me at the Obama campaign: middle-class retirees, lawyers in private practice, and several people who volunteered every single night and weekend after a full day and week of work. 

They haven't bothered to look at the people standing in line to vote for President Obama in every state in this country: middle-class people who want their country to be the best, most compassionate place it can be, children and grandchildren of immigrants from all parts of the world, women who want better for their children than they had, minorities who've been ignored by the parties for centuries, because when WE get something from the government we deserve it, but when THEY get it, they are acting entitled.

Let me tell you what unites the Democrats I know: we all want to know that when someone needs a boost in this country, they will get it. And I think we are all better for that, and stronger for that, and richer for that.

So if you've ever received a Pell grant or gotten Social Security benefits (survivor, disability, or retirement), if you've ever paid more for your health insurance because poor families can't afford basic health care and have to rely on expensive emergency rooms to keep themselves healthy, if you've ever had to worry that your company would downsize you and you'd be made homeless, then Democratic policies benefit you, too.

Look, I pay taxes. I work for a non-profit that does for less money a service that the government is required to do by the United States Constitution. I make far less than I could, and I don't begrudge one penny of my taxes, because I want to live in a country where people with mental health problems can get treatment, and people whose manufacturing jobs move overseas can get an education that will improve their chances of getting a better job, and kids who grew up poor don't have a crappy education that makes it difficult for them to go to college.

I want that, and so I voted for Barack Obama, because he wants that, too.

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