07 November 2012

[6] relief

Around 3:40 pm, I could no longer bear to continue incessantly refreshing a browser that was not complying by producing information on the state of the election, so I went over to the Organizing for America office, picked up a clipboard, and went off to do some more canvassing. Alone, this time.

This is a university town, and there were 64 students on my list. Most of them seem to live in apartment buildings built like rabbit warrens. Apartments 2 and 3 are here in the front, but you have to walk around the side and through a hallway for number 1. Oh, and there is 20, but when they open the door, you see two flights of stairs going straight up.

One building was build four stories tall like a cheap motel, each little room opening to a walkway far above the ground. The stairs were crumbling. The walkway gave a little under my feet. I was tempted to cling to the wall and walk with my eyes closed, but I'm not actually that afraid of heights. I just don't like falling.

By the time I reported back to the OFA office, having gotten out the vote, it was dark, my feet hurt, I was dizzy with hunger, and I had no idea what was happening with the election. (I still somehow survive without a smartphone.)

It took two pieces of pizza and an Italian soda at the election watch location before I was able to think coherently again.

And in the end, I was just so very happy and relieved to know that this country will spend four more years in the experienced hands of a man who is thoughtful, compassionate, and truth-telling. It can only do us good.

Assuming the Republican House of Representatives doesn't stone-wall him completely, of course.

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