21 November 2012

[21] antes

I am operating on the assumption that a supposedly orange-fleshed sweet potato that seems to have somehow turned out 2/3 white and 1/3 orange is just fine to eat.* Nature contains variations, right?

I think I am boiling up approximately seven times as many sweet potatoes as I need for my sweet potato biscuits. Oh,well!

I like baking, and I like baking for other people (well, I like baking for other people who appropriately appreciate my baking), but I have a bad habit of thinking that I will come home and bake things, or at least get started on things, and then instead I go to fighting class and then back to the office for something I forgot and then to the mall to see if there is anything I want to buy at Banana Republic on the last day that my 10% coupon off is good (there isn't) and then I get home and realize that I am almost out of milk and most stores are closed tomorrow and suddenly it is 10:00 pm and I haven't started baking, so the only thing that is happening tonight is the cooking of the sweet potato so that it will be soft and ready to mash in the morning after the fun run walk.**

(Unfortunately, it has taken me a while to learn to just give up on making 1 million baked goods at this time of night, after many occasions of resentment at various times when I did stay up late and the recipients of the baked goods did not seem to appreciate the time, money, and insomnia that went into the baking. P.S. Baking is expensive. In some ways - letting go of that twinge of perfectionism - I love being a grownup.)

Meanwhile, I got a 103 point word in scrabble. It was fanfares, on a double word score and making the additional words def and en. Congratulations will be accepted from 9 am to 11 pm daily, or any time online.

* Googling "orange sweet potato is white" was... not helpful. Google informed me that yes, some sweet potatoes are white. Duh, google. We all know that. I want to know why this particular sweet potato is 2/3 white. You have failed me.

** I have always envied the people with the cross-out feature, but it used to be only on non-blogger blogs, and I am too lazy and cheap to switch to another blogging platform, but I just noticed that it has appeared on blogger. Expect crossings out pretty much every day from here on out. At least until I get sick of it.

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