14 November 2012

[14] dithering

I can be wildly indecisive. It usually involves electronic devices. For some reason, I will spend $1000 on a plane ticket to another country without even blinking, but purchasing a $500 white iPad instead of a black one sends me into a tailspin. Travel is a necessity, I suppose, while electronics are superfluous.

Last night I skipped off to a big box store to purchase a pink Smart Case for Webster, my (black) iPad. (I think part of my breakdown about the white v. black iPad is that I was buying a new Webster, and Webster was a black iPad. The white seemed all wrong. I couldn't even open the package.)

In fact, I went to two big box stores to find a pink Smart Case, and the customer service guy helped me put it on Webster, and I skipped off home, delighted. 

"The pink makes me happy," I told D.

The pink made me happy for about 12 hours. 

It was just so... PINK. "Pepto-Bismol," the other D. said, when I commented on it. "I'm just saying. Pepto-Bismol." 

In the bright white light of my office, the pink looked even pinker. It started to reflect the light badly, the longer I looked at it. It started to hurt my eyes. 

"What should I doooo?" I said loudly.

"Pepto-Bismol," D. called from next door.

I went back to the big box store, where I experienced another crisis of color. Dark grey or bright red? Dark grey or bright red? 

The sales guy literally just ordered the red for me while I dithered. "You like red," he said. "You are wearing a red scarf. Red is you. It will go with your purse." The whole time he was ordering it, I sat there with the dark grey one in my hand, periodically taking Webster out of my bag to hold him up next to the dark grey one. 

I still may end up with the dark grey one, after I see the bright red.

It isn't that I didn't need a new case. Webster's original DoDo case, which I adore, has been replaced twice for broken bamboo corners, and I am tired of it. I want a case that does not break every time I set the iPad down a little too hard (okay, fine, every time I drop it, even a foot or two). One corner broke the first time I put Webster in the case. 

Right now Webster falls out of the case at random, because all four corners are broken. Something had to be done.

So why do I vacillate so? Maybe I need a shopping buddy whose opinions I trust. Maybe I need to just not spend money again, ever.

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